The Expeditions

As an organisation we are focusing our efforts on areas of high biodiversity which have received limited surveying to date. Often remote and difficult to get to, our specialist teams will access these areas and undertake targeted surveys with minimum impact. 

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Our Locations

We want to focus our efforts on carefully selected locations to ensure we allow maximum benefit to these locations from the funds we generate. Below are our current locations of focus.

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Isolated for over 88 million years, Madagascar is a treasure trove of unique species. The island’s insects and spiders are largely unknown and unrecorded , especially outside of national parks. We will conduct expeditions in  both the North and South of the Island.



The Eastern Arc mountain chain runs along the coast of Kenya and Tanzania from Somalia to Mozambique and is house to myriad endemic species. Only cursory studies of a limited number of insect taxa have been conduucted and our local knowledge means we aim to explore areas new to science.