Our Projects

Wherever we run an expedition we aim to invest in forest protection and should we gain additional income to invest profit back into these areas to protect the forest and the people who depend upon them. Our belief is that if an area produces something of societal and monetary value then that area and its people deserve to be rewarded for nature‚Äôs ingenuity. 

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The following are our planned projects that will run in concert with expedition efforts. 



Madagascar's forests are at risk of completely disappearing. Highly fragmented and hyperdiverse, these forests are critical to secure the watershed for rice and vanilla production in a desperately poor rural economy. Our work will aim to secure forest boundaries and livelihoods which better protect these valuable areas. 



Most will think of the wildlife of Tanzania in terms of the 'big 5' but its mountain forests also team with life. Important watersheds for lowland agriculture, these areas are under threat from pressures on their boundaries. Our work will aim to better protect these areas through alternative livelihoods and encouraging replanting at forest edges.